Quality Assurance

Management of FYBROS will attain quality test results by strictly following requirement of customers need, supplying innovative and value added products & services. We are committed to manufacture & supply cables as per established standards, at competitive prices, in time and to total satisfaction of customer. Comply with BIS, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & Safety mark requirements, all applicable environment, health & safety legislations, prevention of ill health and injury, interests of all stakeholders, prevention of pollution and continual improvement in the effectiveness and performance of Integrated Management System by improving process work practices and risk minimization through objective driven targets.


Innovation is the crucial element of any existence and thus, we believe in innovation of our product range from time to time so as to have a meaningful existence. This is the reason we have substantially invested in our R&D department so as to be in line with the industry standards and modernize our collection of cables and wires.

In order to expand and improvise our range, our R&D professionals undertake market research and discover newer information and technology that can be imbibed in our range. Based on the studies of our researchers, our development department designs our range that incorporates the new specifications and makes our range of products stand apart in the market.

Board Members Bite

The MD believes the company's success is due to a distinct "can-do" attitude among the team of FYBROS "There's an attitude that says: ' Our only reward is customer satisfaction'," He says. "And there's a belief that we can creatively and practically achieve nearly anything to meet our client's needs". "We help people to live a safe and comfortable life"; "You will see the results of our work today in the progress of our nation of tomorrow." - PARAS JAIN, MD Balar Marketing..

"We don't make something that's good enough,"

"We make it really good, so it will stand up in the field." – MD, Balar Marketing .